Water Damage Restoration, Black Mold Testing & Fire Restoration

Why Choose Us as Your Restoration Company?

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We are a State certified license building contractor and certified in mold remediation and water mitigation. We specialize in: Water Removal, Structural drying, Fire and smoke cleanup, mold remediation and reconstruction. Our business is giving people back their homes, getting them back into business, and putting the disaster behind them as quickly as possible. We know disaster can strike at any time and when it does time is of the essence. From initial response through final inspection, ASAP Restoration Corp. has the equipment, personnel and expertise to meet the demands of a wide-variety of restoration needs.

Saving Your Property, Possessions, and Sanity

When arriving at a property loss, a skilled licensed professional in the field of loss-management ensures that the recovery process is cost-effective and efficient. A.S.A.P. Restoration Corp. utilizes the latest industry pricing and will submit our invoice to your insurance carrier.
“We pride ourselves in keeping our customers informed throughout the entire process while being responsive to every need and concern”. We deliver quality you can trust, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Living in Florida, we understand that humidity is around us. Mold is something that Floridians deal with regularly and therefore, it is important to understand how mold occurs and how to prevent it from spreading. Mold is present everywhere, both indoors and outdoors. They may enter through air, windows, AC/heating systems and water leaks. The spoors thrive in moisture and can quickly spread. Here at ASAP Mold Restoration, we locate the mold and stop the spread. We eliminate the mold and prevent it from causing irritants and allergens to you and your family. Our staff is able to use the latest equipment and have expert experience in recognizing what type of mold and what’s the most effective way to remediate it. Call us, our staff is ready to assist and check your home.