At ASAP Restoration, we offer swimming pool restoration for homes in Deerfield Beach. If your pool has gone too far for you to restore it on your own, we can help you. Our services include but are not limited to restoring the water, cleaning out any algae that may live there now, and even fixing problems or cracks in the pool’s lining.
When pool owners don’t know all the specifics about pool restoration, they risk the potential issues of causing harm to themselves or making their pool an even bigger mess than it was before. As you prepare your pool for use, you must make sure the pH is balanced or you could risk ruining your pool and the materials that hold it together. It is also not safe for your body to be in a pool that does not have a pH between the range of 7.0 and 7.6. Check out the differences below:
  • When the pH is low, the water will begin to dissolve the surfaces of your pool. This roughness encourages algae growth. As your plaster and grout is diminished, you must make more strides to replace it, causing you more money. Our pool restoration service helps inform our clients about keeping a balanced pH so their pool is enjoyable for longer periods of time.
  • When the pH is high, the calcium in the water reacts to the carbonates and creates scale. The calcification normally collects at the waterline and turns black after trapping dust and dirt. The water also begins to look murkier when the pH is high. This is because the chlorine is not as effective and does not create a clean environment to swim in.
Deerfield Beach is filled with homes with the luxury of a backyard pool. While nothing beats a refreshing pool that you can jump in at any time of the day, it takes work to keep a pool up to par with cleanliness standards. The water must have a safe pH balance and a steady filtration that can keep your pool clean. If you do not have a system that filters your pool for you, you may have to get your hands a little dirty often at all.
If you are interested in getting your swimming pool restored in Deerfield Beach, look no further than ASAP Restoration. By neglecting your pool, it can become unsightly, and cause discomfort to you and your guests. Restoring your pool and treating it correctly can save you money as well.

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