5 Things to Know About Water Damage Restoration

What is water damage restoration, what is the process, and what even causes water damage? Read the following five things to find out!

Water damage is a common issue in the United States, affecting 1 out of every 50 homes annually. Failing to get water damage issues in your home under control can lead to significant property loss and even health problems. 

Since water damage is so common, stemming from flooding, storms, and plumbing issues, you need to fix it at all costs. We can help you take the right steps. 

Here’s how you should handle your water damage restoration needs.

1. Know Why Water Damage Is Serious

The biggest mistake that homeowners make is failing to take their water damage issues as seriously as they should. This happens when you don’t fully understand the dangers of water damage and how it can affect your household. 

Both your home and your health are at risk when you’re dealing with water damage and mold problems. Breathing in mold can cause issues with your respiratory system. 

It can cause irritation when you touch it, and mold can make your asthma and allergies worse. Outbreaks of mold can hurt your property values and make your home less likely to sell.

Mold is a problem that plagues 50% of homes in the United States. Getting your water damage under control quickly will prevent this mold from occurring in the first place. 

2. Find the Source of Water Damage

It’s easier to stop water damage in its tracks when you understand the causes and source of it. Water damage comes about due to plumbing problems, leakage from precipitation, and several other reasons. 

Pay close attention to your water damage if it’s in your basement or near your foundation. Fixing cracked foundations will cost you $4,500, on average. 

3. Call a Trusted Water Damage Company

Look into the help of a water damage company that can offer their services. Ask other homeowners you know who they have trusted to handle this work for them. 

Start placing calls with some pros that can handle your water damage repairs. Compare the price estimates and advice that you get from the various professionals that you speak with. 

Gathering estimates will help you get to know the price range for your water damage restoration services. You will usually pay about $4 per square foot on your water damage restoration and cleanup.  

Make sure that these estimates are in writing so you can compare and test the market. Consult with at least three different companies so that you understand how much you can expect to pay. 

4. Fix and Replace Any Belongings

Water damage can also wreak havoc on your belongings. Even with the best water damage restoration, you might need to replace carpets, couches, and other pieces of furniture. 

Get an overall estimate and find out what can be replaced with your homeowner’s insurance plan. 

Take Advantage of Water Damage Restoration

Your water damage restoration will be handled with care when you follow the tips in this article. Ask a few different professionals for their advice and get the service that you need. 

ASAP Restoration can help you with whatever you need. Start with these tips and contact us when you need any sort of water damage repairs. 


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