7 Serious Signs You Have a Plumbing Leak

In the grand scheme of home repairs and maintenance, plumbing is one of the trickiest to track. This is because many plumbing problems originate in places not visible to the naked eye, such as behind walls, unfinished areas, or elsewhere. The unfortunate truth is that even a little leak, if not promptly repaired, may develop into a significant one. Here are seven common red flags to keep an eye on to avoid potentially expensive plumbing repairs.

Common Plumbing Leak Red Flags to Follow

Plumbing issues originate in places that are not easily accessible, and unfortunately, a little leak may snowball into a major issue if not repaired on time. For starters, keep an eye out for the following red flags to save yourself from hefty expenses. If things take a turn for the worse, call an expert to take care of it for you.

  • An unexpected and unexplainable spike in your water bill
  • Excess moisture, mold, or mildew inside the house.
  • A weird ticking sound of dripping or running water.
  • Bubbling, cracked or peeling paint on the ceiling or walls.
  • Puddles under the sink, on the floor, or near your water heater.
  • Noticeable greener or overgrown spots in the lawn.
  • A musty smell comes from the kitchen, bathroom, or basement.

Bonus Tip for Detecting a Plumbing Leak

Only a few people are aware that most water meters, if not all, can determine whether or not one of your pipes is leaking. It monitors the energy use and water consumption, and if it detects a sudden increase in any of those metrics, it will notify that there is likely a leak somewhere inside. The only drawback to this solution is that it won’t be able to pinpoint exactly where the leak is coming from.

However, if you keep an eye on your water meter and tally its readings with those of different months, you should be able to determine whether you have a leak in your home.

The Final Cut

So there you have it: seven serious signs you have a plumbing leak. Every serious plumbing leak demands an action plan. Luckily, water damage and restoration service providers in Florida have the knowledge and experience to get the job done by addressing every aspect of the problem. If you call the experts at the right time, there’s a good chance they can stop the issue from worsening.

Now you know when to call for help, don’t wait any longer if you notice any of the above-mentioned plumbing leak signs. Immediately call ASAP Restoration to get your plumbing leaks fixed in no time.

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