How do we disinfect for Coronavirus?

ASAP Restoration follows strict CDC guidelines as we tackle this novel virus. We use medical and industrial strength disinfectants with a wide-ranging kill spectrum. We sterilize all materials and do a top to bottom run through on all possible contaminated objects and spaces. We take extreme measure to disinfect surfaces from bacteria and viruses and the sanitization of the air conditioning system to eliminate airborne contaminants by means of a medical grade EPA registered “Virustat” disinfectant. We make sure to focus our attention on the frequently touched surfaces and properly disinfect all tables, chairs, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, remotes, keyboards, phones, tablets, toilets, faucets and sinks. We detail sterilize to the highest standard. Our certified team members enter the area in fully protected gear using personal protective equipment (PPE) and wear full head gear to ensure their safety and the safety of others. We recognize that businesses need to run and therefore offer a quick turnaround time. Don’t take chances on your employees and call us to help you properly disinfect.


COVID19 (Coronavirus) has quickly gained momentum and being called a wildfire virus. This virus has the ability to spread quickly and live on surfaces for an extended period of time. Here at ASAP Restoration, we understand the necessity to have your home and business protected from Coronavirus. ASAP restoration offers Coronavirus disinfection to the highest possible standard. We provide immediate emergency response to a possible contamination and can have your home or business disinfected within 24 hours.

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