What to Expect from Fire Damage Restoration

    From evaluating and reducing water damage to drying and cleaning up, it takes a sharp eye and a "roll up your sleeves" attitude to get the job done. That is why every significant water damage crisis demands the assistance of professionals like the ones at ASAP Restoration. Before getting to the nitty-gritty, let's start with the most important question of them all.

The smoke has cleared, the sirens have stopped wailing, the noisy engines of the fire department are no longer buzzing in the background. Now that the fire has been extinguished, you may experience a slight sense of relaxation. In this peaceful pause, you might be wondering, “what should I do now?” Making a call to a fire damage restoration service may not be the first thing that comes to mind; however, doing so immediately is really crucial.

Fire Damage Restoration – The Basics

The process of restoring a damaged property is referred to as fire damage restoration. It may take anything from a few weeks to several months to finish the procedure, depending on the severity of the damage caused by the fire and how extensive it was.

In addition to removing soot and that oh-so-distinct burning smell, cleaning, and deodorizing the affected area, fire restoration may also require boarding up, demolishing, and rebuilding the site entirely.

It is essential to remember that water damage often follows fire damage’s footsteps. There is a good chance that a property may sustain damage from water when firefighters douse the flames with their hoses. Now that we’ve discussed what fire restoration is, let’s take a deeper look at each phase.

The Fire Restoration Process

According to the National Fire Protection Association, an international nonprofit organization, fire damage alone caused around $14.8 billion worth of property damage in the United States in 2021. Since the potential for damage is so high, you must call a restoration company like ASAP Restoration, capable of carrying out the work in an accurate and timely manner. Here’s what you should expect during the fire restoration procedure.

  • Inspection of the Property
  • Determining the Structural Integrity
  • Removing Water, Soot, and Debris
  • Assessing the Fire Damage
  • Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing

Expert’s Recommendations for Smooth Process

Even though you can’t really describe the aftermath of a home fire as smooth, it is essential to remember that things do not have to worsen before they get better. The following are some suggestions that will make the procedure somewhat less complicated:

  • Put in a call to your insurance provider right away.
  • Obtain a copy of the report on the fire.
  • Make contact with a fire cleanup and restoration company.
  • Keep a note of every item that has been damaged.
  • Maintain open communication with your insurance company and the personnel responsible for the cleanup throughout the whole procedure.

The Final Cut

Every severe fire damage demands an action plan. Luckily, fire damage restoration service providers have the knowledge and experience to get the job done by addressing every aspect of the problem—and stopping it from worsening.

If you’re ever in need of fire damage restoration, contact ASAP Restoration and let us help you out. We’d be happy to take the load off and help you make the most out of your fire damage restoration process.

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